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"I have been going to Eleanor for a couple of years for various treatments, she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the treatments she offers. She is always friendly and accommodating. It is a relaxing and clean environment and I am happy to recommend her to any of my friends." AD, August 2019
"I have been seeing Eleanor for nearly a year now. I get a Hollywood wax, eyebrow tidy and tint and on occasion an eyelash tint. Eleanor has always been very professional and kind to me. She is extremely efficient and I have never felt uncomfortable in any of my appointments. She has a lovely, clean, and tidy room where she works her magic, I would definitely recommend!" AC, July 2019
"Eleanor is very experienced in a variety of hair removal techniques and provides a great service, always selecting what is most appropriate for my needs. She is a professional and I have been completely satisfied for many years with the results of her treatments. I regularly enjoy relaxing visits to her and am grateful for her help." GB, July 2019
"I've been going to Eleanor De Melo for hair removal for over 10 years now and she does an excellent service. She made me feel comfortable and we have become good friends. Lovely woman and I highly recommend." MH, July 2019
"I have had a very positive experience with Eleanor with some excellent results. Eleanor has a fantastic knowledge of hair removal and can tell you honestly the most suitable treatment, course length and it's chance of long term success. The prices are very reasonable. I have small children and so Eleanor has been very flexible with her hours so she can see me. I wasn't keen on going to a salon and at Eleanor's the feel is more a home away from home. I would and have recommended Eleanor and I wouldn't do that lightly knowing how much this means to me and how conscious I was about it." CF, July 2019
"I first came across Eleanor via a web search and after reading all the comments, I was confident with regards to getting 3 skin tags removed, on the inner thigh, the side of the torso and the last on the neck.  I called Eleanor and spoke with her, she instantly put me at ease and gave me a professional response.  When I went to see Eleanor she was polite and very knowledgable and explained everything to me with sound advice.  All the skin tags were removed and only smooth skin remains now.  Thank you Eleanor and I will 100% use again, great service." Steve, June 2019
“I have found Eleanor provides a fantastic service at at very reasonable price. The first time I met her, her kind demeanour immediately put me at ease.  I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Eleanor." CD, June 2019

Eleanor is warm, friendly and professional. When I first visited Eleanor for permanent hair removal she immediately made me feel very comfortable and confident in her ability. She explained the procedure and what to expect in a clear and straightforward manner. I have been very pleased with the results so far and am so glad to not have to worry about ingrown hairs and waxing anymore! I would highly recommend Eleanor to anyone considering the treatment - you won’t be disappointed!” BC, November 2017
"I found Eleanor online and went for an initial consultation for permanent hair removal, something I had been considering for a while but was nervous about.  I was instantly at ease with Eleanor who has recommended a course of treatment that has been very effective and I am really pleased with the results so far. Eleanor is both professional and personal in all of her treatments, I am always comfortable during my sessions with her and would happily recommend her to others considering this type of treatment." KP January 2017
"Eleanor is a wonderful practitioner who is both welcoming and professional. I had not had IPL treatment before and she made very clear what I could expect. The results we have achieved in only a few sessions are absolutely exceptional. I no longer have to waste time on shaving or booking yet another wax appointment resulting in ingrown hairs. No more thinking twice about grabbing a vest top or accepting an invite to go swimming. Thank you, Eleanor!" KC, Aug 2016
"I have been going to Eleanor for a while now to have Skin Tags removed & the results are brilliant they have all disappeared after a few days, I would recommend Eleanor with no hesitation." Richard, June 2016
"I'd like to say I’ve been very pleased with my hair removal treatment from Eleanor.  It has worked wonderfully and rarely comes back. Thank you." MM, April 2016
"I would like to thank Eleanor for results I have seen over the last 3 years. When I first came to see Eleanor, I was very embarrassed about the increasing facial hair I was dealing with by plucking on a daily basis. My skin is very sensitive and therefore rarely would it be free of red blotches and spots from the plucking. I have since learnt this was the worst solution to the problem. Eleanor initially tried to treat with IPL however this had limited results due to the fairness of my hair colour. Eleanor then suggested this should be treated by Electrolysis on a regular basis. To begin with Eleanor would treat every two weeks this gradually could be extended as the hair follicles weakened and eventually stopped growing. I still visit Eleanor regularly for the remaining persistent hairs every 3/4 weeks, it's not really necessary but I like to keep on top of the annoying stubborn growths. I am very pleased with the significant reduction in facial hair growth, my confidence has improved dramatically now I don't feel I have to hide my face. I would strongly recommend Eleanor to treat any troublesome hair frustrations". OP, Feb 2016
"I first got in contact with Eleanor as I wanted a permanent hair removal solution on my underarms, Eleanor recommended IPL and so we started my treatment plan. I decided to have my bikini line done too and have had 4 IPL treatments, to both areas, and now we are finishing off with electrolysis. The results are amazing - the IPL was very effective for the bulk of the hair and the electrolysis is just as effective for targeting the stubborn hairs - I am very close to be completely hair free. Treatment plans and expectations are always thoroughly explained and she is extremely flexible with her appointments. Eleanor is very professional but also very warmhearted, she always puts me at ease throughout the treatment and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her!"  JP, March 2016

"After several years of having to deal daily with facial hair I decided to make an appointment with Eleanor De Melo.
I wish I had done this years ago! Eleanor has successfully treated the hair, and I now only need to go back every few months for a 'top up' appointment. 
If I needed to bring my appointment forward as I felt I needed to see her earlier she would always try to accommodate me.
Now I can go to work, or go away on holiday, not having to worry about checking my face every day.  She offers several other treatments, and has also removed my skin tags, leaving my skin lovely and smooth.
I would definitely recommend Eleanor. Not only is she a true professional, but also very kind and considerate!" Wendy, Feb 2016

"I was introduced to Eleanor through a friend 2 years ago after discussing the costs of waxing etc, when she mentioned to me about IPL. My friend had only just started a course of IPL and was pleased with the results so far, but with her being fair I was sceptical as to whether IPL on my dark hair would be a success. So initially I started with just my underarm hair, after 3 sessions I started to notice the difference, the regrowth was patchy and started to feel finer. I had three further sessions and now I have hardly any regrowth, and the best thing is no hair shadow under the skin. Suffice to say I have now had my half legs done and once again very pleased with the results, I use to shave my legs every few days as I hate the regrowth, but now from time to time I shave the few that remain. I am currently on the last couple of IPL sessions of my bikini line. I have to say, it's the best thing I ever did! I am so pleased with the results, I recently went on holiday and didn't have to worry about shaving or waxing and having the horrible rash you get from these methods, the regrowth between treatment is so fine and sparse that I no longer have to shave and don't get the red rash bikini line any more! You certainly get what you pay for, it can be costly but well worth the money, when I totalled up what I was paying every 3 weeks for waxing, this soon became relative to the cost of IPL and as the investment of IPL is over a longer period of time its is not so noticeable and eventually as there is hardly any regrowth the costs to maintain are minimal. Eleanor is a lovely lady, who makes you feel at ease, she explains what she is going to do and yes it isn't the most comfortable process a little like waxing, you get that initial sting feeling but its gone after a few seconds. Well worth the cost and those few moments of feeling uncomfortable." AH Chandlers Ford, July 2013

"I first went to Eleanor about 5 years ago when I needed hair removal treatment on several moles on my face. I had a course of treatment which has been very successful. I now see Eleanor very occasionally ( a year ago) to deal with any new unwanted hairs and for eyebrow shaping. I am so glad I have had the treatment. It is fantastic to be rid of the unwanted facial hairs. Eleanor is very welcoming and puts me at ease during the treatments. I recommend her to my friends." KN Chandlers Ford, May 2013
"I have been having treatment with Eleanor for about 3 years. I have always had a lot of dark facial hair which has been a great problem for me, so when I discovered Eleanor locally I decided to do something about it. The IPL to start with was very effective and practically painless, and I am now on Electrolysis to deal with the really stubborn hairs, and they are gradually disappearing. I now feel a much more confident person.I am also having a course of IPL on my underarms, which is wonderful as you can forget about shaving. Eleanor always makes it as pleasant an experience as possible with her caring and friendly manner. I can thoroughly recommend the treatment with her" SP, Chandlers Ford, Feb 2013

"Just finished a session at Eleanor de Melo's clinic in Chandler's Ford and am delighted at how comfortable I am made to feel whilst undergoing a beauty treatment. Eleanor carries out a discreet beauty treatment and maintains privacy and dignity for her clients. I am very pleased with the results of my hair removal and would recommend a visit for all the girls and guys who have hirsute problems." CR, Eastleigh, April 2012

"I have been going to Eleanor since 2005. I found her very kind and caring, she made me feel at ease and she really knows her job. I don't go as much now as there's no need, but I still go once a month or so as I like being hair free. I'm so pleased I found her, she's a lady you can trust. I'll never go anywhere else now. Thank you Eleanor, you've really made my day!" LW, Southampton, March 2012

"I have been receiving treatment from Eleanor for several years and have been delighted with the results. Eleanor is very knowledgeable about hair removal and has all the latest equipment. She is very discreet and provides an excellent service which is very good value for money. She is a lovely individual who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone." KP, Winchester, Oct 2011

"I have been going to Eleanor for several years now and have always found her to be so welcoming and friendly towards me and she is a true professional in everything she does I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any future clients." SA, Hedge End, July 2011

"I have been receiving treatment from Eleanor for a several years and have always have complete satisfaction." PL, Romsey, June 2011

"Eleanor has treated me for nearly ten years. I have had many treatments, which include hair removal, eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping etc. She is a true professional who cares and shares her clients problems. I would recommend her to everyone, including those that are nervous about having their first appointment." MM, Chandlers Ford, June 2011


"The laser hair removal for my under-arms has been very successful. After 12 sessions of treatment I now need only two sessions per year to keep free from re-growth and I am very pleased with the results." DM, Jan 2016

"I have been having laser hair removal treatment with Eleanor for nearly a year now and would like to say how fantastic she is. She is very knowledgeable and advised me on the best course of treatment to achieve the results that I was after. The results are nothing short of amazing, and I genuinely noticed a difference after one treatment! Eleanor is very discreet and her general demeanour makes what could potentially be an embarrassing experience anything but. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eleanor to anyone." KB, Aug 2015

"I have been coming to Eleanor for around 18 months. I decided to have IPL on my bikini line after many years of waxing. Despite not having particularly dark hair, the results after just 2 treatments were amazing. I had much less regrowth, no ingrown hairs and the hairs were finer. I continued through to a total of 6 treatments and this has achieved a 99% hair reduction. I am having electrolysis on the remaining few hairs. 
The results were so fantastic with IPL on my bikini line that I then started treatment on my underarms. The results have been great too and after 6 treatments, the remaining hairs are very fine and Eleanor is treating these with electrolysis.
It has been wonderful to start the summer without having to worry about shaving my underarms every day and I can just decide to go swimming without thinking about whether I am between bikini line wax appointments.
Throughout the whole process, Eleanor has been incredibly professional and friendly. She has explained the treatment thoroughly and realistic results to expect at each stage. Her appointment times are also very flexible with evenings available, which fits so well for my circumstances.
I wish I had discovered IPL 20 years ago and I would have saved so much time and money spent on waxing and shaving. Thank you so much Eleanor."
PR, Chandler’s Ford, July 2015

"I came to Eleanor as I had constant issues with ingrown hairs. Some had even left scars. So I decided (bravely) to look up possible permanent solutions.  I visited Eleanor, she instantly made me feel at easy throughout the whole process. Despite my mid brown hair it took only four treatments. I may return for the odd two but other than that it's great. It had made a big difference and I have not had an ingrown hair since. I would highly recommend visiting Eleanor." Jess, Jun 2015

"I contacted Eleanor two years ago after years of shaving my underarm daily. I tried waxing but was so unhappy with the ingrowing hairs I had after (I also found waxing painful), I was so fed up I wanted a solution.
After the second session of IPL on my underarms I was so impressed I started having it on my bikini line. I can honest say the IPL has changed my life I no longer worry about my dark hairs.
Eleanor is really friendly, knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. I have recommended Eleanor to my friends and will continue to do so because I am so impressed." LG, Feb 2015

"I started visiting Eleanor about 8 years ago for bikini waxing and 4 years ago I decided I'd had enough of waxing and had the IPL treatment to make it permanent.  I have had no regrowth since and no more problems with ingrown hairs that you tend to get with waxing. I was so pleased with the result that I have just been back this week to have a bit more done.  Eleanor is very professional and welcoming and immediately puts me at ease when I visit her and I would fully recommend her to anyone considering having this done. If you are worried at all about having IPL and how effective it is, don't be, it's definitely permanent." SC, Sept 2014

"I am 23 and have been having IPL treatment with Eleanor for just over a year and a half. I have very dark hair and hated the rash I got from shaving, so I contacted Eleanor regarding IPL. The effects are brilliant and Eleanor is lovely, I do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable and Eleanor explains everything so you know what to expect. Not only that but the service Eleanor provides is very affordable and superb value for money! So glad I found Eleanor and would recommend others to get in contact with her." LB, Winchester, Jan 2013

"I have been going to Eleanor for nearly a year now. I started going for a bikini wax and Eleanor soon convinced me that the best way to go was IPL for permanent hair removal. I was very nervous at first in case it was painful, but decided to try it on my underarms first. It is uncomfortable but no more so than waxing and it is over a lot quicker. I am dark haired and I was shaving my underarms every other day before the treatment. I've been amazed by the results. I've only had 4 treatments so far and am already only shaving every six weeks! The difference is amazing; I've now been brave enough to start the treatment on my bikini line and am looking forward to not having to wax the area any more. Eleanor is friendly, efficient and professional and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her." JB, Jan 2013

"As a 22 year old woman receiving IPL from Eleanor, I have found the experience one of great satisfaction. I would highly recommend having IPL to anyone, and even more so, I would highly recommend having IPL with Eleanor. Eleanor is very caring and hugely informative throughout the whole process. I have had great results with the treatment, and believe that this is great value for money! Also, as someone with a very low pain threshold, Eleanor has not only been understanding but also has made the experience enjoyable!" WC, Chandlers Ford, Dec 2012

"I have been going to Eleanor for a while now and she has always been very friendly and helpful. I am extremely pleased with the results of the Ellipse intense pulsed light treatment and computerised electrolysis for permanent hair reduction." PL, Chandlers Ford, May 2012

"I’ve been having hair removal treatment on my back and shoulders with Eleanor for over 5 years now and I just wanted to tell others what a great service she provides. For starters the hair has almost gone after the years of treatment and I’m feeling a lot more confident. Eleanor is a very nice lady and always makes you feel at home. Can't speak highly enough of the service..." Ryan F, Southampton, May 2012

"I have been going to Eleanor for IPL and electronic hair removal and found her to be very welcoming and hospitable. She provides a comprehensive treatment plan with various options and has reduced my dark hair areas on chin and lip within 6 months - I wish I had learned of her years ago and cannot recommend her and her work highly enough. I found her very reasonable and I am more than satisfied with the results. If I can pass on some advice she gave to me - don't pluck!" KG, Southampton, April 2012

"I have been going to see Eleanor for several years now and from the very start I felt like I was visiting a friend. I am always pleased with the results, in particular the laser treatment has been very successful for me. A big plus is that Eleanor is readily available for evening and Saturday appointments." L, North Baddesley, July 2011


"I am so pleased with the electrolysis treatment I have had from Eleanor. It has had brilliant results!
She's removed unwanted hair from my face, painlessly and quickly, with lasting results, so that each time, it has grown back less and less, and I only need to see her once every few months.
Eleanor suggested also plucking my eyebrows, and I'm so glad she did, as I had been finding it really difficult. I am now so pleased with how my eyebrows look, and people have commented on it too.
Eleanor is a friendly relaxing person to be with. She puts you completely at your ease. I could not recommend her more highly!" SB, Feb 2018
"I recently used Eleanor for Electrolysis treatment of multiple skin tags - I have been very pleased with the results and the treatment was relatively painless. I now wish I had found this treatment years ago." BS, Chandlers Ford, Feb 2013

"I had been away on a long holiday, without my tweezers, and had quite a few strong whiskers when I returned. Determined not to pluck them anymore I found Eleanor in yellow pages. Now after only seven treatments at approximately six weekly intervals I can't find a single coarse or dark hair on my chin. I am delighted with the results. Eleanor works very expertly and efficiently and I highly recommend her to anyone with facial hair and wants it removed permanently. I will continue to consult Eleanor as and when required for eyebrow shaping and tinting." PL, Winchester, Jan 2012

"I had been having electrolysis treatment for unwanted facial hair for many years and have visited many different practitioners (people working independently and people in beauty salons). My experience has taught me that it is hard to find someone who does electrolysis really well and effectively. Eventually I found Eleanor . She has solved my facial hair problem (it has taken time, because it does). I have also had a course of IPL treatment for bikini line hair with her, and I am delighted with the result. Eleanor has a very professional approach and I have felt completely comfortable with her in dealing with what is a very personal and sensitive issue. I wholeheartedly recommend her." AT, Winchester, March 2012

"I have been having electrolysis for nearly a year and now my visits to Eleanor are further apart which is a sure sign that the treatment works! Eleanor is very professional and knowledgable as well as being so welcoming and friendly. The treatment is not as painful as I was afraid it would be and my chin is looking decidedly smoother. I can now kiss my grandchildren without the fear of pricking them with my whiskers!!" PL, Chandlers Ford, May 2012